Phone Screen Protector Installation

Anti-Glare (AG) with Privacy Guard (PG) Flexible Glass Screen Protector


  • FLEXIBLE GLASS - Advanced materials with ultra-thin and bendable as plastic; high definition, anti-fingerprint & scratch resistant as glass, preserving your visual experiences.
  • PRIVACY GUARD - STATE-OF-THE-ART US coating providing premium PRIVACY and reflection protection. Specialized coating overcomes both unfavorable indoor & outdoor lighting conditions.
  • ANTI GLARE - Qualified Japan's materials with matte surface to make the reflected light scatter, reduce the reflected bright light and reduce the interference of light on vision. Keeping your screen clear and visible.
  • SHATTER-PROOF - With Japan qualified materials protect you from any shrapnel if things go south; minimal thickness allows exquisite sensitivity with 3D touch.
  • ANTI-FINGER PRINT - Outstanding anti-fingerprint coating keeps your phone screen crystal clean like a brand-new phone.
  • TROUBLE-FREE INSTALLATION - Easy applicator ensures flawless alignment and seamless installation.
  • UPCYCLING PACKAGING - Transformable package can be turned into a mobile stand with 2 steps.
Quality Japan material: bendable as plastics and durable like glass provide flexible and protection for your phone completely.
Supreme Protection with 50 Degree horizontal shield angle from any unexpected visual intrusions. 180 Degree vertical clarity view to avoid users' phone screen being obstructed.
Reduced light glare, keeping your screen clear & visible; improved experience under harsh outdoor & indoor lighting conditions.
Durable top-grade materials from Japan. Impenetrable hardness by achieving the highest possible 9H on a scale of 1H to 9H.
Vigorously rubbed with steel wool at a pressure of 1000G which our screen protector excelled the scratch-resistance test.
Experimentally tested with water droplets as a simulation on the smoothness and grease-resistance of our screen protector.
Transformable package can be turned into a mobile stand with 2 steps.
Easy installation with the user-friendly align applicator.

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