Phone Screen Protector Installation

ARMOR Leather Phone Case

Armored Leathercraft

Leather, giving elegant and stylish image.
Using over a period, will develop an outlook exclusively as unique as yours.
Be a natural material, leather like an art piece, need time and exquisite craftsman on workmanship.

ARMOR Leather phone case, sourcing 100% genuine leather for outside body & premium microfiber lining for case inside; designed slim fit with curved edge for the body of phone with matched metallic color button, bringing comfort & soft hand touch and stylish for your gadget! Premium leather materials offer smooth grip for anti-skid; and wireless charging compatible also apply on it.

Environmental & upcycling packaging also designed for ARMOR leather phone case series. Simple several steps to transform the packing box to mini speaker; reduce waste at source, make fully usage in each part of packaging.

For anti-skid.
Hand-feel with lightweight & slim.
Providing a seamless charging accessibility.
Transformable package can be turned into a micro phone holder with speaker by several folding steps.

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