Phone Screen Protector Installation

ARMOR Classic Crystal Phone Case

SIMPLE, but not simpler

  • PREMIUM JAPAN MATERIAL - scratch-resistant material, high transparency clearly showing the design of phone backside.
  • TOP GRADE TPU SHOCKPROOF SUBSTANCE - able to withstand strong force generated from a 1-meter drop.
  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION - thickened anti-collision corners and air cushion panel design, create a buffering the pressure from both inside and outside.
  • 4D-EDGED DESIGN - projection edge to protect the screen and to avoid lens being scratched; dust proof lightning connector port and independent button cover to increase sensor sensitivity.
  • UPCYCLING PACKAGING - environmental friendly packaging can be transformed to micro phone holder with speaker by several folding steps.
Able to withstand shock generated from 1-meter drop.
Creating a buffer to reduce pressure and shock between outside and your phone.
Providing a seamless charging accessibility.
Vigorously rubbed with steel wool at a pressure of 1000G which our screen protector excelled the scratch-resistance test.
4D edge design to keep distance between the lens and the other objects surface, to avoid the scratch and provide protection.
Transformable package can be turned into a micro phone holder with speaker by several folding steps.

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